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Written Information Security Plan (WISP)

IRS publication 4557, from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), requires all tax professionals to implement basic information security steps (Security Six) to protect systems that process customer information. Tax professionals should also create a security plan to protect their clients' data.

We invite you to complete this survey to understand what it will take to design, develop, and implement an effective Data Security Plan.

Instructions: Please review and answer each question in this survey. Share your comments when appropriate. Your responses and comments will help us determine the extent of efforts necessary to complete your data security plan.

1. My team knows / understands the expectations of the Information Security Guidelines (IRS Security Six).
2.Our team has the following data security softwares activated, current and well documented to protect us from the threats of information theft.
3. Our team has an updated business continuity plan.
4. Our team has an active professional insurance policy, and it has coverage for data breaches and other security events
5. We have the knowledge to assess a security event if one occurs.
6. Our team has updated with contact information (based on your location) for all federal / state / municipal / local authorities that need to be informed about the data security breach.
7. We have an updated data backup plan.
8. Our company has a model letter to communicate with our clients in the event of a data breach incident (format 4281C).
9. Our company has sufficiently trained us in information security.

10. Contact Information

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