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Payroll Services

A happy workforce is an engine to run a successful business. Employees expect to be compensated for their efforts. Exceed their expectations by running a smooth payroll process. That's what we offer!  Let us be your trusted advisors.


While it is no longer a common practice to issue manual checks, there are several reasons why you might need to be prepared to issue a manual payment, for example, a payroll error or a termination. However, robust payroll processes must account for these manual payments to reconcile all employees' earnings, withholdings, and deductions.


Have confidence when generating year-to-date annual earning reports, W-2s or 1099s, 940, 941, and or 8974 forms. We know how to manage the payroll data, interpret IRS tax regulations and accommodate your payroll cycle to create the reports needed by your employees and required by laws.

 Avoid fines due to payroll miscalculations. Stay in compliance with mandatory federal, state, and local payroll taxes and deductions. Reduce manual errors. Rely on a consistent schedule to pay your employees. Focus on growing your business while we manage your payroll process.


Direct Deposits

We give you peace of mind that your business will be in compliance with applicable laws, taxes, and deductions. We live in the world of tax legislation and understand what it takes to manage your business operations.


     Our services will ensure we process your information correctly when it comes to the Payroll register, wages, employee tax withholdings, and all corresponding salary information needed to run a successful business.

Convenience, accuracy, and cost-savings are some of the benefits associated with payroll payments via direct deposits. Today's lifestyle requires that we all save, whether it is saving time in-line waiting to cash your manual check or saving on convenience fees at check-cashing establishments. It feels refreshing to get your payroll payment directly into your financial institution on your payday morning. Getting pay error-free is just great. Let us help you with payroll payments with direct deposit.

"At first, we did not see the value of using a formal payroll process. Now, with the assistance of Efficient Corporation - Accounting Solutions, we have grown our operations, can focus on strategic decisions and our employees are happy to get paid error-free. Thank you, Efficient Advice, LLC"

Yoisis R. (Leimax, Corp. NY). 

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