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Tax Preparation Checklist

Below is a list of items and information you should gather before filing your next Income Tax Return. Please note, This comprehensive list should be used as a guide. Identify the documents that apply to you, your employment situation, and your family composition.

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The IRS will use this information to determine who is filling, who is covered in your tax return, and where to deposit your refund if one is due.

Personal Information

Income Information

This information is essential to understand where you fall within the established tax brackets. It will determine your initial tax liability.

These documents can be used to reduce your overall tax liability; what your income can be taxed. Eventually, these documents can increase your tax refund or lower the amount you owe.

Expenses / Adjustments to your Income

The government offers many deductions and credits to help lower the tax burden on individuals, giving you a larger refund. You’ll need the following documentation to make sure you get all the deductions and credits you deserve:

Itemized Deductions and Credits

Taxes Paid &
Other Information

These taxes paid and additional information will be used to finalize adjustments and accurately complete your Income Tax Return processing.

For you, your spouse and each of your dependents:
See list of potential sources of income. Gather what applies to you:
Gather all of the following that applies to you:
Gather all of the following that applies to you:
Gather all of the following that applies to you:
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